Patent Licensing & Litigation Support

Our Approach

CUSTOM METHODOLOGY:We treat each assignment as a unique task and device a custom methodology based on the end objective

REGULAR UPDATES:We provide regular updates and hold discussions to ensure focused approach towards the end objective

UNIQUE EXPERTISE:We have unique expertise in dealing with several aspects of SEPs

PROPRIETARY ALGORITHM:We have developed a highly sophisticated algorithm to calculate relative scores of patents that have very high degree of correlation with the actual strength of the patents


Licensee Identification

Identify potential licensees of your patents. Use this information to build your licensing / cross licensing strategy

Evidence of Use (EoU) Charts

EoU charts indicate potential infringement and can be used for licensing negotiations

Patent Sales Package

Show the value of your patent portfolio to potential buyers / licensees and maximize the return


Validity Analysis

Build strong invalidity arguments using prior arts identified through our research

Patent Portfolio Evaluation

Assess the strength of a patent portfolio using technical analysis. Use this information to negotiate appropriate licensing fee or to acquire the patent portfolio

Infringement Analysis

Use detailed patent product overlap analysis report to build non-infringement arguments