About Us

About Us

Concur IP is a leading IP consulting company, formed with the purpose of providing high-end IP services in a cost-effective manner. We provide end-to-end solutions that span the entire IP lifecycle and cater to various IP needs of corporates, law firms, universities, research organizations, consulting firms, and licensing support firms. We draw on deep industry and domain expertise to meet IP needs of clients across multiple industries.

In the ever-changing fast paced business ecosystem, clients expect trustworthy, agile and uncompromised insights. Clients aim at attaining these goals at minimum costs. We share these goals and we provide just that.

Leadership Team

Sachin Sinha

Sachin is a seasoned patent expert and is a co-founder of Concur IP.  He has over 10 years of experience in the IP consulting space working extensively on patent evaluations, analytics, and research. He has worked with several reputed corporates and law firms to support them with patent licensing, acquisition, litigation, and strategy.

Sachin has led some of the most comprehensive studies on Standard-Essential Patents (SEPs) that have been relied upon by companies, economists, and the court to determine FRAND rates for SEPs. His studies have been used in several international arbitrations, cross-licensing disputes, and litigations in US and Europe, including landmark cases, such as, TCL vs Ericsson in US and Unwired Planet vs Huawei in Europe. He has also testified in US litigations and international arbitration about the process of patent essentiality evaluation.

Sachin has graduated in Electronics and Communication engineering from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati. Prior to founding Concur IP in 2015, he has served at senior positions in organizations such as Thomson Reuters and Ernst & Young. Sachin can be reached at sachin.sinha@concurip.com.

Nitin Agrawal

Nitin is a seasoned patent expert and is a co-founder of Concur IP. He has worked and led teams on various IP projects and has an experience of over 10 years working with patents. A mechanical engineer by qualification, Nitin leads a team of experienced and enthusiastic IP professionals and handles assignments that relate to patent drafting, prior art searches, technology landscapes and the like. His technical prowess has enabled many companies and notable attorneys to formulate optimal IP strategies.

Nitin has worked extensively with US attorneys and has attended various CLE sessions in the US. He has analyzed patents and technical subject matter that belongs to domains such as Engines, heavy machineries, VOIP systems, HVAC, automotive, business methods, and financial technologies. He has also worked on several studies on SEPs working closely with industry experts to create census of all declared essential patents and perform several related analyses.

Nitin has graduated in Mechanical Engineering from the prestigious Delhi College of Engineering. Prior to founding Concur IP in 2015, Nitin has served at senior positions in organizations such as Thomson Reuters, Ernst & Young, and Evalueserve. Nitin can be reached at nitin.agrawal@concurip.com

Frank Pettinger

Frank has over twenty years of sales and sales management experience at the executive and director level and is currently an advisor at Concur IP. Prior to joining Concur IP, he was Strategic Account Manager for Intellectual Property Solutions at Thomson Reuters where he was responsible for sales growth and customer retention for Thomson Reuters products covering patent research, asset management, analytic tools and IP consulting services. He was also accountable for all aspects of sales and support for Thomson Reuters Strategic Accounts Western Region and was a three time President's Club honoree for his exceptional sales performance.

In the past, Frank has held senior positions at various reputed organizations. His past roles include Vice President of Sales and Operations at Multivision Inc, Regional Sales Manager at Business Wire, Senior Account Manager at Dialog, and Design Engineer at US Navy. Frank can be reached at frank.pettinger@concurip.com.

Vivek Sharma

Vivek has over 9 years of experience in IP consulting and is a part of Concur IP’s founding team. He has extensive experience of supporting clients in crucial IP matters including licensing, litigation, infringement analysis, competitive analytics and prior art searches. His expertise lies in assisting clients to visualize, analyze and optimize their patent assets from a strategic and custom vantage point. He has worked on several projects involving essentiality evaluation of patents towards telecom standards (GSM, CDMA2000, UMTS and LTE standards) and other technical standards like NFC, DLNA etc. He has two international publications, on multilayer suspended micro-strip line, to his credit.

Vivek holds a Bachelor of Technology degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from the prestigiousIndian Institute of Technology, Roorkee. In the past, he has worked at Thomson Reuters, Ernst & Young, and Cheers Interactive. Vivek can be reached at vivek.sharma@concurip.com.

Sanjay Nama

Sanjay has been associated with the intellectual property industry for close to a decade and is a part of Concur IP’s founding team. Sanjay has an all-round experience and supports clients on patent licensing, patent analytics, patent litigation, and patent drafting projects. Sanjay has been instrumental in setting up long-term relationships with clients by closely working with their in-house IP teams and developing custom and scalable processes to support them. He strives for innovative solutions for handling complex analyses and generating custom insights.

Sanjay holds a Bachelor of Technology degree in Electrical Engineering from theprestigious Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur.Prior to joining Concur IP, he worked at Thomson Reuters as a Manager in the IP services division.Sanjay can be reached at sanjay.nama@concurip.com.